Healing of infected wounds in dogs

Wounded dog christopher woo

The most common complication with injuries in dogs is infection, which can be particularly vexing with bite wounds. Dogs are naturally inclined to lick their wounds to rid them of impurities. This mechanical action also stimulates bleeding to wash harmful substances from wounds. Saliva also functions as a mild disinfectant and contains certain enzymes supporting the healing process. On the other hand, bacteria that retard wound healing also occur in saliva. An infected wound is itchy, in which case dogs not only lick the wound, but also nibble on it or scratch it. If the itching verges on the intolerable, animals could do much more harm to themselves than the original injury. This slows down the process of wound healing in the dog and does not eliminate the infection, but instead results in the further colonisation of the wound with microorganisms from the oral cavity or claws, rendering an acute wound a chronic one that is hard to heal.

Two ingredients are behind these properties of Anigran. Hyaluronic acid, providing perfect hydration, creates favourable conditions in the wound for tissue regeneration and naturally supports the healing process of wounds on the body of a dog – together with water, it draws healing precursors from the tissue around the wound. A reassuring side effect is the reduced formation of unsightly hypertrophic scars. During the healing process, the properties of hyaluronic acid (its affinity for water) prevent the wound dressing from drying up and sticking, which is particularly appreciated by patients when the bandaging is being removed. A more effective wound healing alternative is moist healing. According to this principle, the wound is kept moist at all times, natural tissue regeneration is supported, and infection is inhibited as much as possible.

Iodine, which gives the gel its signature honey colour, ensures that the pathogens are suppressed. In order to mitigate the potential risk of allergic reactions, the iodine complex used has not been further chemically modified. This is an important factor with infected wounds – iodine from the wound dressing dissipates within 24 hours, and then the infected wound needs to be re-bandaged.

Product indications for dogs:

  • Chronic non-healing wounds
  • Pyoderma
  • Deep wounds, fistula cavities
  • Acute, traumatic wounds
  • Contusions
  • Lacerations, bites
  • Postoperative dehiscence
  • Poorly healing sutures
  • Large abrasions
  • Broken surgical wounds
  • Infected wounds

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