Joint-related problems are one of the most common reasons for visiting the vet. Breeders usually only realise an animal has a health problem when it begins to limp. Limping and pain in animals’ joints tends to be caused by excessive stress on the joints during sport, joint diseases (e.g. arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteochondrosis, hip dysplasia) or injury (intra-articular fractures, ligament and tendon damage, luxation or subluxation of the joints). An animal’s genetic predisposition and age also play a role.


GelorenHA – Joint nutrition

  • High hyaluronic acid content
  • Effective joint support
  • Simple dosing
  • Free of doping substances
  • All ingredients used are of food quality (the breeder can also try the product for taste)
  • Designed for the demanding organism of a horse

Gelorendog – Joint nutrition for dogs

  • High concentration of active ingredients
  • Rapidly relieves your dog’s joint pain
  • Proven high efficacy
  • Very easy dosing
  • Sugar-free
  • Tablets can also be used as a training aid

The ageing process and intense physical activity increase the degradation of hyaluronic acid in the joint, thereby significantly reducing its lubrication and ability to effectively absorb the shocks that arise during everyday movement. In extreme cases, the cartilage is irreversibly damaged.

Hyaluronic acid supplementation increases joint lubrication, reduces inflammation and reduces the risk of joint damage. Joint nutrition containing hyaluronic acid is therefore more efficient than formulations without this natural and endogenous substance.

Geloren joint nutrition should also be administered to animals with joint damage that is not serious enough to warrant the initiation of treatment with Bonharen injectable solution. Geloren is a dietary supplement with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and other chondroprotective agents. It has been created specifically as a form of nutrition for the joints of dogs (Gelorendog) and horses (GelorenHA). Correctly dosed, Geloren may be administered to any mammals.

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