GelorenHA is a feed supplement with a high content of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and gelatine that very effectively nourishes the joints of horses and other mammals. Another version, Gelorendog, has been developed for dogs. The hyaluronic acid contained in GelorenHA, Nutrihyl®, has specially adapted molecular weight to ensure maximum efficacy.

The predecessor of the enhanced GelorenHA was Gelorenhorse.

This joint nutrition, in the form of gelatine tablets, is designed to offer breeders the possibility of accurately monitoring the dose of SYSADOA substances (chondroprotectives) administered for the preventive protection of the joints and tendons of active animals, or the treatment of convalescent animals. Unlike bulk and liquid preparations, the dosing of GelorenHA is fast, accurate and requires no measuring cups or scales. What is more, it does not need to be mixed in with food.


Benefits of GelorenHA

  • High hyaluronic acid content
  • Effective joint support
  • Simple dosing
  • Free of doping substances
  • All ingredients used are of food quality (the breeder can also try the product for taste)



Hyaluronic acid – one of the two main constituents of synovial fluid. In the joint, it works as a lubricant and shock absorber, has the ability to alleviate inflammation and pain, and suppresses the degradation of cartilage.

Chondroitin sulphate – one of the two main constituents of joint fluid and a building block of cartilage, bone, tendons and ligaments. It gives cartilage flexibility and has proven anti-inflammatory effects.

Gelatine – a key source of the amino acids glycine, proline and alanine, which are important for collagen formation. It plays an essential role in the regeneration of ligaments and tendons, and in the nutrition of joints and cartilage.


For maximum efficacy, it is recommended to administer the product for at least 60 days and to repeat the procedure two or three times a year. For a more pronounced, quicker effect when the supplement is first administered, the daily dose may be doubled.


The digestive system of every animal is a little different. For example, a human, as an omnivore, needs a daily dose of hyaluronic acid corresponding to one cube of GelorenHA.

GelorenHA packaging

Each pack contains 90 Geloren tablets, enough for at least one month’s treatment.

GelorenHA (formerly Gelorenhorse) is sold in a practical tub in which the tablets are divided into three bags weighing 450 grams each. These special bags are adapted to prevent water from evaporating through the package and to keep the gelatine cubes soft (the loss of water from tablets does not inhibit the functionality of Geloren).

We recommend storage at room or a lower temperature.

How to teach a horse to accept GelorenHA

Horses are very picky animals, so teaching certain individuals to accept treats is a challenging task. Our product is no different. As some horses do not want to accept Geloren, mostly because they distrust the gelatine form, at the beginning it is necessary to overcome the animal’s wariness. Here are some tips that have proved helpful in accustoming horses to gel tablets.

  • Start by cutting Geloren into small pieces
  • Small pieces can be fed from the hand, with dry bread or mixed into the staple food and muesli
  • You can also teach a horse to eat gelatine by administering gummy bears (e.g. HARIBO)
  • Alternatively, Geloren can be dried to form solid cubes without any loss of efficacy!