Packed with active substances

The unique recipe delivers maximum health care.


Derived from nature

It contains substances that are naturally found in the body.


Straightforward for breeders

Designed for easy handling and accurate dosing.


Backed by science

Developed by Czech biologists and veterinarians.

  • All
  • Gums And Teeth
  • Joints And Tendons
  • Wounds And Injuries



Active Pet Life veterinary products guarantee efficient health care for pets and farm animals.

Proven efficacy and reliability

Maximum product efficiency is ensured by the high content of active hyaluronic acid, which is found naturally in body tissue. The ageing of the organism or intensive activity reduces the level of hyaluronic acid in the body. Replenishing it with nutrition or, in more complicated cases, with injection treatment safeguards rapid and effective prevention or treatment of a wide range of health issues. Hyaluronic acid also speeds up the wound healing process significantly.

All products are based on thorough research and scientific studies. Long-term testing and customer experience illustrate product efficacy among a high proportion of animal patients (up to 94% efficacy when drug treatment is deployed).

Designed by leading Czech veterinarians and biologists

Active Pet Life products contain natural ingredients and are designed by experts from Contipro, the Czech innovator featuring among the world’s top research and manufacturing companies specialising in hyaluronic acid and other materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.